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Welcome to our online portal where we wish to enhance visibility of the services we offer to you and provide a one platform for you to:

Enhance ICT Literacy

ICT Services seeks to empower its clients to have confidence to do basic troubleshooting of their ICT incidences with the aim of restoring services to normal and only escalate problems that are beyond their capacity.


To this effect, the ICT has come up with TWO ways of empowering its clients:

    • Provide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that have been translated as how to dos’.
    • By conducting surveys on areas of training for staff, the ICT services seeks to captures training needs for staff and thereby be able to offer training.

Build Capacity

ICT Services seeks to ensure that its website is updated with the current information to ensure that all clients issues are addressed if and when they are raised.


With a well established ICT Team, the ICT Services dedicates to keep on empowering its staff so as to be able to address the ICT challenges of our clients in best way possible and in a timely manner.


ICT Services dedicates its operation to innovate as much as possible to ensure that services to its clients are top notch. Beyond the ideas within the department, the ICT services Team welcomes innovation propositions from both staff and students so as to achieve its objectives.


Our Vision

To inspire information and knowledge exchange and stimulate creativity through the provision of world-class ICTs.

Our Mission

To offer leadership and expertise in providing remarkable ICT services which empower our university community to exploit knowledge, information, and technology to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, research & enterprise, and business activity.

Our Values

Transparent, accountable, and sustainable organization where professionalism, openmindedness, and pro-activity help us anticipate and respond to the diverse needs of the University community while being inclusive, customer-focused, innovative, committed, flexible, ethical, and responsible.




© 2023 Strathmore University ICT Services


Central Building


Ext 2236, 2251, 2157, 2437

+254 703 034000/236

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